Kim Eichler-Messmer

Kim Eichler-Messmer


I have been working on so many different things lately and haven't posted in so long that it's quite difficult for me to decide what to share first. So...Pineapples!! Ever since going to the Textile Society of America conference this Fall and seeing the amazing International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, I have been freaking out about traditional quilt patterns. Specifically Amish patterns and the Ralli quilts of Pakistan. Well, not freaking out so much as really really excited. In both of these quilt traditions solid colors (vs. patterned fabrics) and simple geometric shapes are the focus. 

I'm trying to figure out how to express something new in traditional patterns. If not something new, then at least something "Kim". Sometimes I feel like it's impossible to improve on what has already been made because there have been so many amazing quilters and quilts around the world for hundreds of years. But I keep trying to remind myself that all I can do is try to express myself and make something honest and "Kim-ish" and hope that I can add to the history, not just repeat it.

So - here are my attempts at Kim-izing the traditional Pineapple quilt. I'm playing around with my own hand dyed gradations, piecing and then simulating different quilts in Photoshop.
The blocks:

 The patterns: