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we grew figs

That's right. Figs. In Kansas. It's very exciting. So far we have harvested 6 figs. Our tree is only one year old. Next year there will be many more figs.

I also decided I should show the fabric from yesterday even though its pretty mediocre. My biggest issue is that most of the dye washed out. I get so frustrated with myself because I know better. I know how to dye things and print with thickened dye. I know how much dye and how much soda ash to add and I know how long the dye will work once everything is added. Yet, I ignore all of those facts far too frequently. I suppose I'm a big fan of shooting myself in the foot. Is there a facebook page for that? Others who like "shooting yourself in the foot" also like "paddling upstream" and "digging your own grave".

fabric one, on the print table (pre wash-out)...

and post wash-out. 

fabric two on the print table...
and post wash-out.

Right. So they both just need a few more layers of printing and then maybe some embroidery. Blerg. The figs are pretty exciting though, right?

mama thinks so, too.
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