Kim Eichler-Messmer

new quilt in the making

I started a new quilt today on a whim. I went to my studio with a list of things to accomplish and instead, dyed the fabric for this quilt:

It's going to be a crib size quilt, 40" x 50", like most of my other quilts, but I did take good notes so it could be made in any size.  The color is a bit off in this photo and the top hasn't been ironed yet. It just felt so good to dye the fabric and get it all trimmed and sewn in one day that I had to share. Hopefully tomorrow I will make the quilt sandwich and start quilting this addition to the list of things I meant to accomplish today.

And this photo is just for fun. I always think the piles of scraps from trimming are so pretty. So this time I took a picture. This picture also shows the color a bit better. The light gray has a slight purplish cast to it and the greens aren't quite so acid.