Kim Eichler-Messmer

Kim Eichler-Messmer

meep meep moop. sorry for the neglect.

Poor little blog has been sitting here all by herself for months with no Kim. I have been such a strange combination of too busy and too lazy this winter. Everything was going well before Christmas. I was excited to be on winter break and I had a big project to work on (a twin size skyscape quilt). Then some stuff happened that turned me lazy (including snow). Now I only have a week and a half until spring semester and I am freaking out, yet still unable to get off my ass and make something. There are too many ideas in my head and not enough time to execute them all, so I find myself sitting around and looking at Etsy and worrying and watching True Blood instead of just working.

Maybe if I write out my ideas here, that will start something going. Right?
1. More paint chip quilts - focus on color theory
2. Skyscape/Landscape quilts using silk and linen based on my winter sky photos
3. Different patterns (embrace the triangle)

I have been a little productive. I'm re-making the Orange Paint Chip quilt and the Purple/Yellow Skyscape quilt. The tops are done, I just need to dye the backing and binding, and then quilt them. I also made these sketches in Photoshop:
 This one is RGB, the green/blue column is a bit off - too gray.

 Here we have CMYK (but it's really MYCK)

 This is a modified color wheel. I'm not so good at color blending in Photoshop, but the colors are supposed to mix and become more neutral in the middle.

The End. For now, but hopefully not for long.