Kim Eichler-Messmer

Kim Eichler-Messmer

Computer + Kim = Quilt?

I've been seriously considering making functional quilts lately. I guess technically all of my quilts could be functional, but they're not meant to be. I've been sleeping under a hand-made quilt for almost two years now and every time I make the bed (which isn't very often, granted) I'm reminded of how special it is. 
 me and my quilt (and the awesome pink chair my husband found in a dumpster)

So I've been working up some designs and thinking and stewing over what these quilts should be. I think I'm getting close. As soon as summer school is over (3 more days!) I'm going to jump in and see how it goes. Until then, a preview of my designs made in Pointcarre. 

This is the palette and gradations I created. It was all very scientific. Mostly I looked at a ton of different pictures from all different magazines, like Martha, Australian Vogue, National Geographic, Dwell, etc. and cut out the photos that drew me in. Then I matched the 5 main colors in the photos to paint chips from the hardware store. From there I could analyze which colors were present most often and narrow it down to this select group of 24. All of my designs will be based off those 24 colors.

The circles on these two would be thioxed out.

The most nerd-tastic part of the whole process is color matching my fabric to the paint chips. It involved many many (many) dye baths and re-calculations, but I finally got all of them.

So. Up first are some crib quilts as samples. Anyone know any babies in the market for a hand-made quilt?