Kim Eichler-Messmer

Kim Eichler-Messmer

I'm stuck, yo.

The crocuses (croci?) in my yard think it's spring.
Hey Friends. I have the spring break anxiety, which is a lot like winter break anxiety and slightly not as bad  as summer break anxiety. It goes like this -
Kim: "I have so much time to get stuff done."
Bad influence Kim: "You better not waste your time. You're wasting your time."
Kim: "But I have a whole week. Think about everything I could do in one week."
Bad influence Kim: "The week will go really fast. Plus, you're on spring break. Enjoy it."
Kim: "Oh, but I have so much time to work in my studio."
Bad influence Kim: "Wouldn't you rather just watch Lost on the interweb?"
Kim: "I guess one episode wouldn't hurt..."

So I made myself go to studio today and printed some fabric. I'm still stuck, but at least I got in some good practice with my new registration t-bar.
 Rabbit print in progress. That's my t-bar there. It took me about 2 hours to make it yesterday because I had some power saw anxiety and couldn't find the drill bits. Plus, I was going to have the wood cut at Lowe's but someone had sawed through their power cord. Blerg.

Finished rabbit print. These little guys are in half-drop formation. After printing, I thought "those rabbits should be closer together, like a herd." So I re-measured and made this:
Poor little things are butt sniffers. After the first one was printed sniffing his friend's butt I considered stopping and starting over. I'm not really sure why I kept going. Next time I'll measure better.

I also printed this fabric today:
This was a practice for using hand cut stencils and multi-colored printing. This fabric is also not perfect but in this case the measuring was fine, it was faulty labeling. Kim! Pay attention!