Kim E-M Quilts


My recent indigo explorations - combining machine sewn shibori with indigo and machine quilting.

indigo resources

For Making an Organic Indigo Vat

If you have dyed before, have plenty of time, or want a more earth friendly vat that you can keep going for a longer period of time, choose this method.
Natural / Organic Indigo powder
Pickling Lime (aka calcium hydroxide)
Other Supplies:
Small plastic container with a lid, like a shampoo bottle or peanut butter jar
Handful of glass marbles or small pebbles
Kitchen scale
Plastic bowl


For Making an Easy, Pre-Reduced Indigo Vat

If you’re a beginner, working with a group or with kids, or just doing this for a fun, quick, one time thing, choose this one.
Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit


Both Types of Vat

5 gallon plastic bucket with lid
A stir stick that will reach the bottom of the bucket, like a wooden dowel
White plastic spoon
Rubber gloves
Dust mask
A shallow plastic container

Further Reading/Inspiration

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