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This is a collection of my current quilts that are available for sale. They are only available for a limited time as I am making physical and mental space for new projects. If you see something you like, snap it up!
I am happy to do trades and will consider other offers on these (within reason) especially if you are interested in purchasing multiple quilts. Shipping is USPS Priority, flat rate. Feel free to contact with me with any questions.

Exhuming the Anonymous quilt

Exhuming the Anonymous quilt


Exhuming the Anonymous, 2007
34" x 47"
wall hanging: hand dyed and screen printed cotton and silk, pieced, reverse applique, quilted by machine.

I started making these narrative quilts while in graduate school at the University of Kansas in 2005 and the series continued through 2010. They are autobiographical, using the rabbit and the tooth as a stand in for myself. Owls, horses, and skeletons symbolize other family members and at times entire generations. Each quilt attempts to deal with a family story, attitude, or perception. All of these quilts are heavily worked, starting with all hand dyed and screen printed fabric. Most have multiple layers of cloth sewn together and cut through, as in reverse applique. Many have sheer overlays of fabric and intense machine and hand embroidery. They all have a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back of the quilt to make hanging on a wall easy.

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