Kim Eichler-Messmer


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QuiltCon 2015 Workshop - Fabric Dyeing for Modern Quilts


This workshop is an in-depth exploration of fabric dyeing that will include hands on experience in a variety of different dyeing techniques using Procion MX dye. Students will learn how to dye a solid color, mottled color, gradations, and ombre. Each participant will come away with 3 yards of hand dyed fabric.
Material Fees:$40 includes 3 yards of PFD Kona Cotton, a custom dye kit that includes 1 oz. each of 6 different dye colors, 8 oz. soda ash, 4 oz. synthrapol, a dust mask, rubber gloves, salt for dyeing and Ziploc bags
Please note: Dye workshops are held walking distance offsite at the Side Bar, 602 E. 7th St.