Kim Eichler-Messmer


Dye Intensive Workshop at Pacific Northwest Art School

Join me on the beautiful Whidbey Island this July for a 4 day dye intensive workshop. This is the perfect opportunity to take your fabric dyeing to the next level. Learn the uber precise percentage method for creating and scaling your own accurate dye recipes. It's going to be four days of fun, color, math, and more fun.

Here is the class description for more info:
Exploring Color with Dye is an in depth workshop on precise use of Procion MX dyes. Students will be introduced to color theory and how it relates to dye on cloth while also exploring their own personal color preferences. They will gain an understanding of how to precisely dye fabric using the percentage dye method – using weight of dye in proportion to weight of fabric to achieve reproducible colors. The goal is to create a vast library of color swatches and recipes using only a small number of dye powders.

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