Kim Eichler-Messmer


New Quilt! Plus, I remembered that I'm not good at blogging.

I've been working on this new quilt since summer and it's finally done. I'm super excited about it and have so many ideas for other variations. Now I just need some time to make them.

central pivot kimem.jpg

The whole quilt is made from 10" squares of kona solids from Robert Kaufman. Each block is a layer of 4 squares, stacked up, stitched, and then cut to reveal the layers below. I am plotting a new quilt pattern and planning to offer this as a workshop in the very near future.

centralpivot detail kimemquilts

I am not a fan of turning edges under. I love it when other people do it, but I don't have the patience for that. Besides, the texture of a nicely frayed edge is so soft and honest. I don't think I would do this on a quilt that is meant to be used regularly, but on a wall quilt I'm all for it.