Kim Eichler-Messmer


we all scream for...sedum

 Dangly hens and chicks

I have long known that sedum is the greatest. It requires little care, spreads abundantly, and has very lovely blossoms. What I knew, but also didn't know, is that it comes in a beautiful variety of colors that look amazing together. I've been having lots of those moments lately. I know something in my brain, but my mind is blown by realizing it again. Another example is when I realized/remembered that the earth is turning and that the sun isn't setting, we are turning away from it. It's ok. You can roll your eyes at me. 

Powell Gardens again surprised me with inspiration. Here are sedums for your perusal. 

This one is my favorite. That dark one next to the tiny lemon yellow, next to the peach, surrounded by various shades of green is simply lovely.