Kim Eichler-Messmer


paint chips and landscapes

Everytime I go to the hardware store I have to pick up some paint chips to take home. It doesn't matter if I'm planning a painting project or not, I just love paint chips. The best ones have at least 3 color values on them, usually more. Sometimes I feel like focusing on one color, only getting red paint chips, or gray, or blue, or whatever. Other times I like to get a few from each color family. Writing it all out like this makes me feel very abusive of the paint chips.

The quilts I've been working on last week and this week are inspired by my paint chip collection. They are hand dyed gradations using another of my favorite things: percentage gradation dyeing. Yay for math!

These two are sewn together and waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. Please forgive the wrinkles.
These are both crib/lap size quilts but could be made any size. I'm planning on doing many more color variations including complimentary color sequences (red+green, blue+orange, yellow+purple) which make lovely neutrals and perhaps some rainbow gradations (gasp!).

In addition to these color chip quilts, today I started a quilt based on the Kansas landscape right before a thunderstorm. I'm not sure about the color arrangement yet. There are two options below. I'll decide tonight and start sewing it together tomorrow. 

option 1: dark, light, dark (this was how I originally meant it to be)

option 2: dark, light, dark, light (this is the direction I'm leaning)

I'm also very excited because I have some new cotton quilting thread coming to me in the mail. I'm trying some thread from Connecting Threads. They have mercerized cotton quilting thread 1200 yards for $2.99. Usually I buy Mettler mercerized cotton quilting thread which is 500 yards for about $6. I'm crossing my fingers that this new thread is as nice as the Mettler. As soon as the thread and my quilt batting get here I can start assembling these. My goal is to have 4 shibori quilts and 4 gradation quilts finished by the second friday in August (for the gallery walk in my NEW studio!).