Kim Eichler-Messmer


goodies in the mail

Last week I got in the mail three packages which means on three occasions it felt like Christmas. The cotton quilting thread from Connecting Threads came, as did quilt batting and more quilting thread from Quilting Warehouse.  The new thread is on the left, Mettler on the right. I also ordered a set of quilting feet from Sears. It was all very exciting. So far I am quite happy with the new quilting thread. It is just as soft and thick as the Mettler quilting thread and much less expensive. It doesn't come in as many nice colors and I will have to see how it performs after a run through the washing machine, but I have high hopes overall.

The set of sewing machine feet included (clockwise from top left) a free motion embroidery foot, open foot, walking foot, quilt guide, and a stitch in the ditch foot. I already had the free motion and open feet and the guide, but it doesn't hurt to have extras. I bought the set mostly for the walking foot. It is supposed to reduce bunching on quilts by feeding the top layer and the bottom layer through at the same time. After quilting with it all afternoon I must say it worked pretty well. I'm not sure if it reduced bunching but the stitches look more even and it handled a bit easier than my regular 1/4" quilting foot.

Yesterday was spent dyeing fabric for another landscape quilt. Overall, I dyed 19 different colors. There are four dye cups missing from the picture because I had already started washing them out when I remembered to take a picture. Here is the fabric post dyeing and washing:
Tomorrow I will cut and piece the strips together. The colors didn't turn out how I expected. Those who know me well know that organization, tidiness, and careful execution are not my favorite things. Normally I am very messy and energetic in my creation process. BUT, I have been trying so hard to be careful and pay attention and do things right so that I can make things more than once. Yesterday it wasn't happening. The colors came out a lot more purple than they were supposed to. I had gray in mind and my fabric sample and recipes should have led to gray fabric. I blame the humidity. Then again, as I always say, things are more interesting when you let the unexpected happen. (I only say that when things don't turn out how I expect).

I am now completely moved into my new studio. It is so big. And empty. But nice. I pretty much love it. 

The end. 
(the heat is getting to me. I need a rootbeer float)