Kim Eichler-Messmer


Spring Break Madness

Yay for Spring Break and not getting enough done. This post is not even remotely quilt related, but the task took enough brain power to be worth about 1/2 a quilt.
Ages ago I saw a post on Apartment Therapy that was closet doors painted in a trellis pattern. I've been thinking about that pattern ever since we bought our house and trying to figure out where to put it. The entry way won out over the bathroom or dining room. With my mom as assistant, we went for it:
This is our entry before. It wasn't a bad entry, just not too exciting.

9" x 12" template + pencil + razor blade + level + almost two packages of frog tape =
a beautifully taped entry. 
It felt like we should have been done at this point...but no.

Painting is fun! This was the quickest step, only taking about 30 minutes per coat of paint.

Peeling tape is so satisfying. It's like peeling badly sunburned skin (which I know way too much about unfortunately). This task could not have happened without the instructions and pictures over at Modern Homebody. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I think it's definitely a busy pattern, but being on only one wall in a room we can't see from anywhere else in the house makes it perfect.