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Josef Albers is my sunshine

This week I wrapped up Project 1: Color with my students at KCAI. The assignment that I give them is to find color inspiration in photographs, choose 5 paint chips to represent the overall color scheme of each photograph, and then dye fabric to match the paint chips. Then they have to synthesize all of that information and figure out how to present it. It always re-ignites my excitement for color. It also makes me remember that it's okay to be a nerd about something. I'm a nerd for Josef Albers and wanted to share the love.


These are some of my favorite Albers paintings. They are a revelation. Normally when I think of Albers' work, I picture the square inside a square.


Though the overall compositions of these paintings are all pretty similar, they each have so much personality. I think it's because the two smallest rectangles look like eyes, or windows in a house.


I'm thinking about doing a series of quilts based on these paintings. They would make beautiful crib quilts. Sometimes it's nice to work on something very formal and traditional as a counterbalance to the personal/creepy/rabbit quilts. 


 This one reminds me of fried eggs and hashbrowns. Maybe that's only because I filled up on delicious diner breakfasts this weekend (thanks to Kathryn, Town Topic, and Cascone's Grill)

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