Kim Eichler-Messmer


Day of Business

Today is a big day full of biz-ness. I really dislike business days and have to get through them by tricking myself. Today I'm doing task and reward. This is how it works: if I do 1 hour of task/business, I get to watch one episode of Heroes on Hulu. It works pretty well.

The business that I'm working on is updating my website, resume, spreadsheet, and all my digital files! Thanks to my friend Steve Curtis, who has a studio upstairs from me, I have new pictures to post on my website. He did a fantastic job. The colors came out perfect and they are such high quality images. I'm really pleased! I've also changed up the layout a little. So run over there and check it out!
Here is a teaser:

They Gnaw, 2009

I'm also getting ready for a trip to North Carolina next week. I'm taking five students from KCAI on a tour of textile mills. The tour is hosted by the International Textile Market Association. Each year they invite 30 students from Fiber/Textile programs to go to North Carolina and see first hand how the textile industry works. Primarily the tour in NC focuses on textiles for furniture. It's all very interesting and really made me realize I'm not cut out for "industry".

I'll be posting pictures of the trip next week. Stay tuned.